Who we are?

The Surf Life saving movement is a part of the history, the fabric and the future of this country. It epitomises the lifestyle, values and beliefs of the Australian culture. It protects life, it saves life. It promotes life. 

What we do?

Surf Life saving creates a safe environment on and off our beaches, through patrols, training programs and education.

Surf Life Saving is an active part of Australian local communities. It is in its own right an Australian community, offering a place to belong, a place to grow and be safe. It provides mateship, education, experience. In so doing Surf Life Saving gives back to the community.

Surf Life Saving is the largest volunteer movement of its kind in the world.

Our life savers set up a patrol base in front of the club every weekend and public holiday from November through to March, and give the public a recognisable place to find first aid, beach information and weather forecasts.

Roving patrols are also used to keep watch of the beach outside of the patrol flag area. These roving patrols are done on foot, by the IRB and a 4WD vehicle.

Patrol members are easily identifiable by their patrol uniform: red shorts, yellow shirt with SURF PATROL printed on it and by the red and yellow quartered cap. These life savers are trained to provide first aid, rescue and resuscitation.

 At West Beach SLSC there are activities and opportunities for people of all ages and the Club provides a perfect family activity centre.