Area Captain: Lachlan Holt and Caitlin Sheehy


Swimming is the primary skill required of surf lifesavers!  Swimming is a high calibre competitive Surf Sport event and also forms part of multi discipline events like the Ironman and Ironwoman, the cameron, taplin and surf belt races.  Swimming training at West Beach runs year round and is held at Immanuel Pool from 7.00pm – 8.00pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. These sessions are coached and all members are welcome. The cost is $5 for adults and $4 for children.

During the season, the Club Swim is held every Saturday afternoon at 4.00pm at the Club. The Club Swim is a timed handicapped event of approximately 600 meters open to all club members and members of the public.

We have ceased the WBSLSC Swim Scholarship for this season..

Training Times

Club Member  Training Times 


Start time

Finish  time







Immanuel Pool

Ben Zuill




Immanuel Pool

Matt Zuill



$5 per adult


$4 per child


All club members are welcome

Open Water Squad B

Aim: To provide high level coaching specifically tailored for open water swimming at state level.

Minimum Requirements for entry to squad: 1km swim time - 16:30 minutes

The training schedule has been set in conjunction with Steve Perry, but is run by the coaching staff of iSwim. An elite Open Water Swim Squad A, swimming 4 sessions a week is also available. Selection for this squad is by invitation only.

For all information regarding the Open Water Squad B, please contact Carolyn Veldhuyzen at iSwim, Novar Gardens.

Open Water Squad B Fact Sheet

Open Water Squad B Training Sessions:

Immanuel Pool

Tuesday 5.15am – 7am
Thursday 5.15am – 7am

Upcoming Events / Important Dates

Club Swim Calendar

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Club Swim 2017

Your first club swim of the year will incur  a $5 once off fee and will include your cap. Pink for all members with their SRC and above and light green for non-SRC.

The club swim kicks off on Saturday 4th  November 2017.  Register outside the at the bottom of the club at 3.45pm. 

Other Information

Club Swim

The Club Swim is a timed handicapped event of approximately 600 meters open to all club members and members of the public provided that: 

  1. Members either hold an Surf Rescue Certificate (“SRC”) or Bronze Medallion (“Bronze”) qualification
  2. Junior members can swim at the discretion of their age group managers and are able to provide confirmation of the red patch
  3. If junior members do not have their SRC, they must wear the lime green caps as these are more visible and will distinguish all juniors regardless of age grouping and their age coloured caps.
  4. Junior members who do not have a red patch are not eligible to participate in the “Club Swim”

Entry into Club Swim 

  1. Registration will occur at the club at 3.30pm on Saturdays. You will be required to provide your name and will be given a timed handicap, which dictates what time you begin to swim.  The swim will commence around 4 - 4.15pm (depending on numbers) 

  2. A once off fee of $5 will be introduced which will include a high visibility cap, to assist with visibility in the water
    1. The Caps colours will be lime green for a non SRC swimmers.
    2. Pink for all other swimmers - SRC qualified swimmers and above
    3. Yellow for the "Maillot Jaune’ " - the previous weekly winner
    4. There will be a guaranteed weekly prize for the winner of a $20 cafe voucher, to be collected the week after the swim
  • The club swim will be conducted when the beach is open for swimming. This indicates that the environment is appropriate for the swim to take place and that water safety provisions can be provided, per the policy, by a patrol or additional water safety as required or at the Head Coach or others discretion.
  •  The club swim will require a number of water safety people – SRC or Bronze accredited.
  • The ability of West Beach Surf Club to provide water based training sessions is largely dependent on the availability of water safety personnel. The club adheres to the Water Safety policy stipulated by SLS Australia.

The key principles of the policy are: 

  1. Water safety is to be provided for all SLS aquatic activities.
  2. Each activity is to have an appointed water safety supervisor (a leader in the group to oversee safety of all participants)
  3. Where an activity is undertaken consistently at a single location, a thorough risk assessment maybe undertaken at a point in time, and then re‐used and adjusted according to the risks presenting at the actual time of training.
  4. All swimmers must stop and aid assistance to anyone who may be in trouble.
  5. Follow standard operating procedures relating to use of rescue equipment, uniforms and beach patrols. SLS risk assessment provides that the ratio of swimmers to water cover is: 


1:20 ratio of Water Safety Officers (1 of these must hold an IRB Driver or crew person qualification) and 1:20 ratio of Rescue Boards for Water Safety