Board Riding

A recent addition to the surf sports calendar, the Championships were introduced as an important tool to recruit new members and retain members who traditionally left lifesaving to pursue other sports such as surfing.

General Information
The Short Board and the Long Board Riding are to be conducted as separate and distinct events.
While the general conditions and scoring system for the two events are the same, the judging of the wave riding criteria is different

Short Boards

The restriction for the type of craft that can be used in the surfboard riding event is a surfboard that has a maximum length of less than 2.74m (9 feet) measured from the nose to tail on the deck of the surfboard. SLSA at this time does not impose further specifications on this type of surfboard other than the maximum length permissible to compete in this event. However, the Referee has the authority to declare a surfboard ineligible for a competition if the surfboard is considered dangerous to the competitor or other competitors in the competition.

Long Boards

The specifications for surfboards used in this event are:

  • A minimum length of 2.74m (9 feet) measured from the nose to tail on the deck of the surfboard.
  • Minimum width dimensions to total 1195mm (47 inches) aggregate i.e. the total of the widest point, plus the width 305mm (12 inches) up from the tail and the width 305mm (12 inches) back from the nose.
  • The shape of the long board is to be traditional and may include multiple fins and channels, but cannot include add on tail or nose blocks.

Upcoming Events / Important Dates

Board Riding State Champs 2017-2018
January 13th - 14th 2018

Venue: TBC