WBSLSC Patrol Responsibilities for Season 2020 / 2021

Welcome to the 2020/21 patrol season, we have yet another busy season ahead.

1st Patrol: 10th October 2020
Last patrol: 5th April 2021

Minimum patrol days (Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays)
Our flags are positioned anywhere between : Graydale Street, West Beach  to Cottesloe Street, West Beach

and we have Roving patrols from:

Barcoo Road, West Beach River Torrens Outlet, Henley Beach South

The list of our WBSLSC patrol dates for this upcoming season can be found in the document below.

All patrol Dates 2020-2021

Date period

Patrol Times

Standby (surveillance)

Oct. 2020

12pm - 5pm


Nov. 2020

12pm - 5pm


Dec. 2020

12pm - 5pm

Christmas Day patrol 2pm-5pm

Jan. 2021

9am -12pm

(minimum 2 Bronze Medallion Holders)


12pm- 5pm


Feb. 2021

12pm - 5pm


Mar. 2021

12pm - 5pm



12pm - 5pm


We have 10 patrol groups this season which means that we will only be rostered on for 6 or 7 patrols for the whole season. Please note that during January, the same patrol covers both the 9am-12noon surveillance (2 members) as well as the 12-5pm normal patrol.

Patrol Uniform

  • Yellow Patrol Shirt (as supplied by SLSA)
  • Red Patrol Shorts (as supplied by SLSA)
  • Red and Yellow Quartered Patrol Cap (is to be worn on the head and secured under the chin at all times when on patrol)
  • Swimming costume/bathers (available from the Club)
  • Wide brimmed hat or peaked patrol cap (SLSA) 

Please Note

If the weather is inclement and the Patrol has signed on as inclement with Surfcom, warm outer clothing may be worn. Either club Jacket or Surf Rescue Jacket which is approved by SLSA to be purchased at own cost. Members should preferably wear club tracksuits, or red and yellow tracksuits. If the club does not have a tracksuit, then patrol members may wear plain colour tracksuits. Jeans or zip up pants are not to be worn. 

Patrol Times:

Please note that patrol hours are now from 12pm (midday) until 5pm. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your patrol, dressed in your patrol uniform and report to your patrol captain so you can sign the patrol log. If you are going to be late or have to leave early then you must advise your Patrol Captain as soon as possible.
All patrolling members are required to assist with setting up and packing up the patrol gear.

Patrol Attendance:

If you cannot make your patrol it is your responsibility to arrange a substitute and let your patrol captain know. If you do not make any effort to arrange a substitute you will be recorded as ‘no show’ – this will impact on your competition hours & place you in default– so remember to get a sub, you can do this by:

  • Calling / asking other patrolling members on the ‘others’ patrol group as they are not assigned to a specific patrol group. The phone listing can be located in the patrol room
  • Using the West Beach SLSC Patrols Facebook group to advertise dates in which you need a sub
  • Using the Substitute communication board – located in patrol room
  • Calling/asking other patrolling members – phone number listing located in patrol room next to the sub communication board

Please remember to inform your patrol captain of the change and who will be replacing you on the patrol, also it is your responsibility to do a ‘make up’ patrol at another time – ensure you fill out the patrol log stating that it is a ‘make up’ patrol.

Non Rostered Patrolling Members (Other):

Some members have not been rostered due to family, employment and/or personal reasons. If this is you, then you are still expected to complete a minimum of six (6) full patrols but on dates that are convenient to you.