Bronze and SRC Proficiencies 2020

Sunday 08 November 2020  |  
Location: West Beach SLSC
To complete your proficiency, (due to Covid restrictions), you must now enrol on the portal to complete these.
How to enrol in a Proficiency
After logging into the SLSA eLearning portal via the SLSA Members Area (with your own personal login details), you can enrol in a TRAINING EVENT by following the steps outlined below.
1. Click on "Training Event" located in the grey menu bar on the left-hand side.
2. Look at the calendar
3. Events (Proficiencies) have been placed in the calendar
4. Click on the date that suits and then click ENROL in the bottom right-hand side
This will ensure you have a position reserved in order for you to complete your proficiency. Any questions, please contact Graeme Cunningham
The dates for Bronze and SRC water proficiencies are:
8th November
14th November
15th November
21st November
22nd November
28th November
29th November
5th December
6th December
12th December
All to commence at 2:00pm at the West Beach SLSC Patrol tent, located on the beach
For any questions, please email Graeme Cunningham at :
Bronze and SRC Proficiencies 2020